HandsOn Hong Kong

HandsOn Hong Kong supports a wide range of social needs across our community, here are some examples:

Kindness Walks to Support the Homeless.
In May 2018 the HandsOn team took over volunteer recruitment for their NGO partner Impact Hong Kong’s Kindness Walks program for the homeless. ImpactHK’s Kindness Walks require volunteers to walk around different areas of Hong Kong to hand out food, water and other necessities to the homeless every day of the week, rain or shine. With HandsOn managing the entire volunteer recruitment process for over 40 walks a month as a free service, the small ImpactHK team is able to maintain focus on its front-line mission and activities.

Skills Training for Youth with Disabilities.
Another meaningful program is a volunteer-supported skills workshop for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through this program, 10 young individuals from Po Leung Kuk Anita L.L. Chan school are being trained on practical skills to prepare them for potential employment. Training sessions led by professional facilitators include topics such as confidence building and inter-personal skills. As a result of a similar program held last year, HandsOn was able to secure part-time employment for 2 individuals with corporations in Hong Kong.

HandsOn supports over 100 NGO partners like ImpactHK and the Po Leung Kuk Anita L.L. Chan school. By being an extension of these NGOs’ teams HandsOn was able to serve more than 82,638 people in need in 2018.

HandsOn provides their services to local NGOs at absolutely no charge but it takes more than time for their small team to carry out the work they do 365 days of the year. All donations received are crucial in helping them to continue to make an impact. Thank you for your support!


Volunteers at a Kindness Walk for the homeless


Office skills workshop for youth