成為義工 Become a Volunteer!

每位跑手在挑戰自己的過程中,都需要很多人的協助及鼓勵去完成比賽。我們需要你! 如有興趣成為義工,歡迎於 Race the Runway HK 義工招募 登記。

As we help our runners make their journey on the beautiful runway course from the start to finish line, they will need your help in achieving their dreams. If you are interested in signing up as a volunteer, please sign up at Race the Runway HK Volunteers.

義工領袖 Volunteer Team Leader


With so many volunteers and so many roles/responsibilities, it is hard for one person to manage. If you are a take-charge individual and love being part of a project, this is the role for you! Duties include working closely with staff, communicating to your assigned group, ensuring all information is dispersed in a timely manner, ensuring all members of your group show up at their assigned time/location. Strong attention to detail, problem-solving and customer service are required. If you are interested in signing up as a Team Leader, please contact us at volunteers@sportingrepublic.com.